M3’s First (Ever) Super (Duper) Cool Blogging Award


Mommy Said A Swear Word bestowed a fab blogger award on me!  Check it out:

tell me about yourself blog award

Since we all know swearing is secretly cool as long as your toddlers are not repeating what you say, take a leisurely scroll to Mommy’s blog and meet Vi.

Now, there is a catch to this award (like so many others)… I actually have to earn it. The only way to be pinning the badge on my sidebar lapel is to reveal seven (7) things about myself my readers do not already know.

Considering some of the close friends who follow this blog (and the many I have met along the way), this is quite a tall order… for someone my height.

She said yes!

Image by kuddlyteddybear2004 via Flickr

Secret Number One: 

I was first proposed to when I was four. On the playground one windy September afternoon, Stan asked me to stop playing freeze tag and please sit on a stump near the teeter-totter. In on-one-knee fashion, he presented me with a ring and a “Will you marry me?”

Secret Number Two:

I call my children by a name no one else is allowed to use, although one of my sisters does call #8 by my nickname. No, the nicknames are not confectionery nonsense, like sugar plum or sweet cakes. (Reaches for air sickness bag.) They are based upon the names the hospital demanded I write on the applications for birth certificates. (Note to self: Blog about how ridiculous applying for a birth certificate really is.)

Secret Number Three:

I would rather chew ground glass than mop the floor.For some reason I cannot obsess about mopping the way I do about the daily (sometimes twice daily) vacuuming. I love the smell of the clean floor, but would rather be flogged than do it.

Stephen King, American author best known for h...

Secret Number Four:

Stephen King needs an editor with cojones. By far, he is my least favorite writer of all time, Dante included. Did we really need 700+ pages for It? Really? I was asleep before the middle of the preface. ZZZZZZZZZZZ And what is with the cameos? Get that idea from William Shatner or Stan Lee?

Sean Connery at a Tartan Day celebration in Wa...

Secret Number Five:

I am a sucker for a goatee and gray hair. Most of my teenage heart throbs were considered “creepy old men” when I was still a teenager. Now, most of them are dead, with the typical-American-crush exception of Sean Connery… in a kilt.

Secret Number Six:

The most wonderful thing about Tiggers is I’m the only one. I have never met anyone with my particular qualifications in aggregate. Some days, it is lonely business. Others, I am so grateful no one else has the magnificent level of drama I manage to attract. And yes, there are four more books in production to cover just the thirties.

Secret Number Seven:

I would not change a thing. When I look back at my blunders, great and small, I can only sport a cryptic, crooked grin. Behind that stoic smile lies the knowledge had I missed one single, solitary step, my life would not be where it is today with my hands firmly around its horns. It has been a wondrous ride, indeed.

The Other Shoe

To accept this award, I must name 15 of my favorite blogs. Feel free to join me for the ride! Stop along the way and introduce yourself to some of my favorite drivers through the blogosphere. I have included a rookie award. Read. Rate. Follow. Comment. Enjoy.

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(11) Worry Wart’s Guide to Weight, Sex & Marriage

(12) Odds and Ends

(13) A Path to be Travelled

(14) Mandy’s Pages

(15) Incoming Bytes

And everyone please give a warm round of applause to Mommy Said A Swear Word for bringing you a few secrets about me!

Until next time,

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  1. Mopping is misery on a stick. I prefer the look of hardwood flooring, but the carpeting we have in our home is my saving grace.

    Thank you for the kudos 🙂 I am thankful for it. Hope you have a great holiday!

    • I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving Thursday as well. And you deserve it! Glad I am not the only one with the mop…thing. Red.

  2. This post made me smile as I learn more about your independent nature. 🙂
    Frank recently posted..On Satire Bits: Vol. 54My Profile

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