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MAD around M3 is a way of life. Last week’s MAD struck a chord with Bearman, of Bearman Cartoons. Some of you remember when he mugged me. What most of you do not know is his passionate support for the arts and schools, among other fine charities.

Each year, Bearman does a challenge for charity. He offers different amounts for different ways to help him promote Cincinnati FreeStore Foodbank, Downs Syndrome Association of Greater Cincinnati and Crayons to Computers. No, he is not trying to get you to open your wallet. Well, you can, but we will get to that.

First $500

The first five hundred dollars raised will go to Cincinnati FreeStore Foodbank. In trying times, CFF is a much needed resource for area residents. Most of us cannot imagine going to bed hungry. Even less can we fathom a child going to bed hungry. CFF is helping fewer people to know the feeling.

They do not stop there. CFF offers assistance with payments for shelter, utilities, medical care and supplies for those who cannot afford them due to circumstances beyond their control. See website for the criteria for consideration.

The second one goes to...

Next $500

For all of the dollars Bearman raises over $500 (and up to $1,000) will go to Downs Syndrome Association of Greater Cincinnati. His awareness comes from a family member with Downs. Seeing what the DSAGC does for families is humbling. Their long list of resources and services for families with Downs members is exhaustive.

How & Why

Rather than give his advertising money to someone who is going to be on the golf course every afternoon instead of working his account, Bearman gives his money to charity based on the actions of fellow bloggers, comics and blogosphere travelers. He donates a specific amount of money for the following:

  • Putting up Bearman Cartoon banners or ads
  • Adding Bearman to your blog roll
  • Blogging about Bearman’s challenge
  • Circling Bearman Cartoons on Google Plus
  • Drawing Bearman’s avatar into your web comic.

Not wanting to be creative? Send Bearman a picture of yourself wearing a T-Shirt from Wack Sack, the official Bearman Cartoons store. You can choose any piece of BEARMANiac merchandise for your fan picture.  It will earn you a spot on Bearman’s BEARMANia page.

One More For Good Measure

None of that for you? How about you take part in another $500?

Crayons to Computers supplies teachers with much needed classroom and art supplies at no cost. This is Bearman’s pet charity, which he donates to all year long by working for free. Bearman charges to do caricatures like the one he did of me. He does not keep one thin dime of the money. He donates it to Crayons to Computers. Can you see why Art is Dying resounded with him?

If this is the venue for you, simply donate to Crayons to Computers in honor of Bearman Cartoons. He is matching donations up to $500.

Going for Broke

Bearman does this for the month of May. Already, he is pushing $500. With just a little nudge, Downs Syndrome Associate of Greater Cincinnati will be reaping the rewards of the blogosphere’s efforts. Do you want to MAD by helping Bearman max out his donations this year?

Stop by the official rules page and pick the way you want to help. If you do not have a blog or a G+ account, do not think you are left out. You can donate to Crayons to Computers, buy BEARMANiac products or spread the word about the challenge. Click on the share buttons…they are everywhere here and there.

Help Bearman MAD. I just did.


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