Musician Spotlight: Come Back Buddy

The original roots of Rock ‘n’ Roll are blaring in the Coffee Shoppe this week with M3’s feature: Come Back Buddy. Red took Mike Randall (lead vocals, guitar) to the side to ask a few questions about the band, the music, A White Sport Coat and what it in the works. She kept a grin and had to laugh at some of the “come back” answers.

M3: Mike, give the M3 Readers the short version of what Come Back Buddy is all about.

Come Back Buddy at Norterra

MR: Come Back Buddy is a 3-piece rock-n-roll band inspired by the legendary “Buddy Holly and the Crickets”.  The trio’s repertoire includes the music of many artists from the 50′s era including Elvis Presley, Chuck Berry, Johnny Cash, Roy Orbison, Ricky Nelson and of course, Buddy Holly.

M3: Got anyone besides Buddy Holly you want to thank?

MR:  A few people. My mom was a singer and had a good ear for it. She taught me who all the great singers were. I had the good fortune to learn about this music while in high school from some teachers who had a 50’s band. My wife (and bassist),  Janine has been instrumental in my deciding to form this band 12 years ago.

M3: Your enthusiasm is palpable. What makes this so close to your heart?

MR:  It is the thing that brought my wife and I together.

M3: A love story! Do you have anything Come Back Buddy is working on at the moment?

MR: A couple of young film makers named Josh Badham and Brian Rider have just completed a documentary about the band. We have not yet seen it, but hope to in the next few days! We also are getting ready to release a second CD.

M3: Sounds like you are staying busy. How do you find the time?

MR:  It’s a challenge sometimes, but a fun one, so I really don’t spend too much time thinking about it.

M3: Has the state of the economy had an impact on your performance schedule?

MR:  No. We have actually gotten busier.

M3: I guess that is really a “yes”! Does Come Back Buddy ever go on hiatus?

MR: No. As Chuck Berry put it: “You can’t stop the train, you gotta let it roll on!”

M3: Great quote, Mike. Should the M3 Readers care about what you do for a “day job”?

MR: No, but I’ll let you know when I quit it!

M3: So, let’s talk shop. Where did you get your start in the biz?

MR:  In the Midwest – Illinois to be exact.

M3: Any advice for the noobs?

MR: Follow your heart. Learn as much about business as you can. All business, not just music.

M3: What kind of feedback do you get from your colleagues in other bands?

MR: It has changed since we started. In the beginning, people were quick to give us advice. Now, they want to know how we do it.

Come Back Buddy, Harrah's Casino, Las Vegas NV

A White Sport Coat

M3: Do you think the traditional music industry looks at self-produced music as inferior?

MR: I actually think the traditional industry has retired.

M3: I think you may be right. Tell me a secret you probably do not want all of the M3 Readers to find out.

MR: Ha. Ha. Okay, here it is. We haven’t had a rehearsal in years.

M3: Speaks volumes to your talent. What makes A White Sport Coat different from all the others CDs out there?

MR: In that it shows a lot of reverence for the artists and music of the past. A lot of people like that.

M3: In 15 words or less, tell me why I absolutely have to buy your CD.

MR: Because Red, YOU know the answer to the question: Where’s the Fun?!!!


Dear M3 Readers,

Check out Come Back Buddy and pick up your copy of A White Sport Coat. Get the latest on their schedule or watch videos and listen to the music. Follow CBB on Twitter for the latest in dates and releases.

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  1. Thank you Red. We appreciate the great interview! We will let you know when we are rockin’ in your neighborhood!

  2. ALWAYS love being turned on to new music. Thank you Red!! Gonna check ’em out

  3. I absolutely ‘LOVE’ this band!!! They have brought a great 8 years of my life going to see them!!;) They are just an amazing band! Even if I’m a kid and like this particular band, doesn’t mean other kids can too! Kids YOUNGER than me dance to these songs and get to know the true feeling of twisting and dancing! It’s just awesome!;) that (THE FUN) is everywhere, where ever you see them!!
    Love you CBB,
    Victoria Wilson <3


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