Dear Water

The absolutely necessary ingredient for life.

Dear Water,

As I am resting in a tub of lukewarm you, I have to admit, the four hours I spent flicking my fins was obviously not enough. Enough of what? Let’s talk.

Leaderfins Freediving Fins

While the water in the lake was perfect at 77º, it was cool enough for cramps. I may have overdone it with my new beautiful fins. Now, I am soaking in water about 25º warmer to soothe away those cramps.

On the side of the tub is a bottle which is about 40º cooler than the lake for me to drink. Filtered gallon after gallon gets put into my bottle. The most important filtered water goes into my coffee pot in the morning. Hey! I am being honest here.

It feels great for you to splash over my skin, especially in your salty form. The surf is a fabulous masseur. Fresh water to wash away the salt makes my skin ever so soft. Thank you.

I will hop right up here to mention I appreciate your contribution to the chores around here, especially in the dishwasher, washing machine, dog bowl, foot wash and pool. My plants absolutely love the watering can.

The only water really not on my side, I must admit, is the 30+ inches we have had in rain. You seem to be making up for the dry summer with aplomb. I get it. I should have been faster with my outdoor activities to be finished when the rains came. Perhaps, next lifetime.


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