maggotHave you ever been a larva?

The mammals in the audience are scoffing at the opening. Yes, most mammals eat larvae. Yes, most humans exterminate larvae. Yet, the question really remains, not so patiently, awaiting an answer.


red checkboxLet’s venture a guess. You know someone who is still a larva. It is perfectly okay if we are talking about Quaint. No one is going to point any fingers at you and accuse you of revealing secrets. Better yet, just hold Quaint’s name in the back of your head until we get to the end.

Typically, when we consider development in humans, we describe it by age. We equate the larval stage with teenagers because they are morphing from child to adult in a definitive stage which differentiates itself between whence it came and where it is headed.

By a show of (almost) no hands, the M3 Readers are certain they are not teenagers. It does not exempt you from being a larva.

Stage Set

Once we reach adulthood, we are convinced we are complete and finished with whatever changes we may need or desire. While on many fronts the tenet systems we employ are well-defined and our ethics are cemented, there are a number of other portions of our lives are inchoate.

We have a number of things to blame for this incompleteness:

  1. Lack of ESP
  2. Refusal of others in our lives to read the script
  3. The appearance of a person we never conceived existed

Every one of us has had some event which we never dreamt would happen in our lifetimes. Whether it was a terrific tragedy or a beautiful boon, there is at least one event we can pinpoint as pivotal in our lives. It seems like we have entered from stage left when we were due to appear on the other side.

In the theme of unplanned happenings, the cast of millions often has no clue how they are scripted when interacting with you. Sometimes, they are in the wake of the pivotal event. Other times, they are simply not well versed in what role we need them to play in our lives. As a result, they forget the lines, read another character’s part at the wrong time or steal the show in a pompous, hamish way.

We tend to follow the playbill and do not expect an understudy to appear. What happens when the person who takes the stage delivers an Oscar-worthy performance?

Good, Bad, Indifferent?

The only constant is change.Not everything which does not go according to plan is a catastrophe. What if your pivot point was a job you took under duress which turned into the perfect place to work for the rest of your life? What if the misdelivered line was the solution you could not have come up with for love nor money? What if the understudy was actually your soul mate?

All of these have some connectivity because often an unexpected turn leads to a new path with another unexpected turn onto a path hitherto hidden from view. Since a large part of our maturation is tied to the time we travel paths and master the route, we necessarily lose some of our seniority when we embark on new trails. Metamorphosis begins anew.


When we revert back to the fundamentals we know, we are back to where we once were. Larva. We deal with upheaval, good or bad, by sticking to our base beliefs before we judge the situation’s impact on our lives. Rationally, the new job may not have been what we envisioned, but it is not a disaster simply because it is not what we initially dreamt as the perfect job.

When we look at the world from a new perspective, we do it by dropping to our base tenets to clear the static from our view. Larva. Strange ideas which come when people refuse to adhere to our vision of the way things should be are often just as plausible, and often more workable, than what we had written in the script.

When we accept a new (Quaint, Partner, Mate), we are snuggling into a chrysalis with another larva. Both are going through changes. Neither are going though them alone. Any chance our new people never conceived we existed?

delta symbol changeAll of a sudden, being a maggot is not such a bad idea.

We are not stuck in childish notions. We are not conscripted to a life we could never have foreseen.

If we take a step back, we are reevaluating who we have become and how staid we are in our positions. We are proving we are still adaptable. The change is good because we are still growing. Reinventing ourselves keeps us young.

Have you ever been a larva?

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  1. Having had a catastrophic rebirth, going from functioning adult to paranoid schizophrenic I have been on just such a journey!

    Today I am better than I was, but still growing.

    I can’t wait to see the butterfly stage!!! 🙂

    Love and hugs!

    Prenin recently posted..Saturday – A trip to the Co-Op.My Profile

  2. I have been larva more than one time in my life, think I am at that stage again. It is not something I relish, but maybe I should be less eager to emerge and simply enjoy the growth spurt.
    Valentine Logar recently posted..Our Apathy Pays DividendsMy Profile

    • I think enjoying the growth is fun. We get the chance to see how the changes happen because we are not in such a rush to grow “up”. xxx

  3. Perfect timing to describe current events over here at ECR…. I am in the process of living in the larval stage, deliberately…. Look, ma, no cocoon!

    gigoid the dubious


    gigoid recently posted..Misfiring on all cylinders….My Profile

    • I think we all have the urge to be a maggot once in a while. It is a good stretching of the soul to fold it into a different shape every one in a while. xxx

  4. I don’t think anyone is ever complete. We are always changing, growing, maybe even reverting.
    Binky recently posted..Zestfully CleanMy Profile

    • I think reverting is a big part of changing. The touchstone where we go back to the familiar to see if the new path is better than the last.

  5. I have had to reinvent myself many times and have always learned something new and exciting. Once I embraced change instead wasting energy fighting against it, life has become much easier. I hope to experience many more new beginnings. <3

  6. Fantastic thought! Thanks for sharing this post. Great!
    Dylann Andre recently posted..5 Retail Marketing IdeasMy Profile


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