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The MAD post scheduled for today is hereby preempted (again), in order to change the subject entirely. Today is neither news nor marketing day, yet news has already surfaced, and marketing is knocking on the door. Time for you to give your opinion.

Whodathunk identity would crop up again? While it may be a no-brainer for anyone who was here for the original series, this is a bit of a twist.

Who? Does what?


I have more than 5,000 contacts.

A few of the M3 Readers have liked the 5,000 page. (Look to the right sidebar.) Those who have discovered there is far more there than just the goings-on at M3. It is a multipurpose page, regardless of FB’s insistence it is a personal blog page. They have taken it upon themselves to change the setting more than once and refuse to let M3’s posts get into the homepage feed…but that is for another post entirely.

So, if it is not for just M3, what is it for? It is for my general contracting. Those of you who have ever gotten an email from me have seen my signature. I am a promoter and publicist. A few of you know the power I can command when it comes to getting people to see what you have to offer.

Because I make no effort whatsoever to advertise, many people have no idea what I do. I am currently using M3’s Writer’s Spotlight to help promote and publicize Indie authors, as a public service to the M3 Readers and the authors. I am also using the 5,000 page to promote my fave blogs. TheM3Blog is the Twitter identity I use to promote everyone.

Who guessed I was a publicist? See, that is what I thought.

Where’s your sign?

M3 logo

To be frank, no where. I have not one. This is where you come in…what do you think should go into an advertisement about yours truly promoting other people and their creative products?

You are all familiar with the M3 logo…even if you did not know that is what it was… and with Mantra’s pair of logos (the vector green fairy from every Muse for Monday and the pouty green fairy for Mantra’s poems…or mine). What should be the logo for Red? And should it be red?

You have a face for radio.

Just so you know, I am unlikely to fall for the idea I should be the spokesmodel for my own company (Redmund Productions). I think it is bad enough to have my mug on my Gravatar and now on my email header (compliments of Google integration). Those of you who know me in my personal life, know I routinely have my shoes and snarky tees as my profile picture.

You are fighting an uphill battle to convince me I should grace the ad with my mug shot…regardless of the gradu the SEO experts have been peddling for years.

What’s my line?

M3 has a long tagline: “Money, Parenting, Blogging, Psychology…Good advice delivered with a bit of snark and humor.” Great for meta headers and for M3, but not really about the promotion of others.  Looking for taglines, quotes, witticisms…what are your creative ideas?

It is all about image.

What are your ideas when it comes to the image of promotion? The following answers have already been rejected:

  • Telephone book
  • Billboard
  • Megaphone
  • Bullhorn
  • Flyer tacked to the page

So, no clichés which could be mistaken for advertising an escort service. This place already has a reputation as a porn site. Trying to steer far away from that.

Let’s call the spade a spade: I am great at advertising others, but happen to have zero talent when it comes to marketing myself as a commodity. I can write the best press release for you, but not so much for myself.



What image and tagline do you think would make a great ad? What is the best marketing idea for a publicist? If we bat around enough ideas, we will put it to a poll.

Just a bit of business: The poll will be closing tomorrow. Please vote now.

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  1. One possibility might be, “Red Gets Noticed.” or “Red. Noticed.” or “Get Noticed. Red.” It makes me think of possible graphic elements like red carpet, red ropes, spotlights, the pop of flash bulbs… a general glamor kind of thing…
    Maybe a tagline in a dark or neutral classic typeface contrasted with a bright red / script / calligraphic ‘Red’…
    I would definitely play up ‘Red’, though… it’s short, memorable and comes with a ton of built-in association(s), etc.
    Sorry… I’m the last person to ask (marketing has been one of the biggest downfalls for many projects of mine…)
    spilledinkguy recently posted..Chica del SolMy Profile

    • This morning before I went to bed, I was thinking red carpet and stagelights. (Stagelights happen to be one of the images I am known for on the ‘net.) With Red as an integral part of the Redmund name, it is why I asked about the whole color and play on words idea. Hmm…

  2. “See Red, and maybe you’ll SEE RED” given that some people hate your posts and tell you about it..haha

    I am terrible at promoting myself. Wish I could come up with banner ads that worked. If you need some help designing something, glad to help with what limited abilities I have.
    Bearman recently posted..Editorial Cartoon: Bully PaybacksMy Profile

    • Your another one I can get ideas on how to market rather easily. And I think your banners work now. I just think you need some more sidebars to live at other people’s places…
      Red recently posted..Flash in the PanMy Profile

    • That’s a great line Bearman. I like it. And I’m sure the haters will too.
      or maybe they’ll hate it just because that’s just what they do…
      Tony McGurk recently posted..Bottle HeadMy Profile

  3. Are you kidding me, I’ve been trying to figure this one out for myself since 2008.
    So you don’t want your image and you don’t want your shoe. What about a spy glass or magnifier since you are always looking deep into our worlds….well, you asked me.
    Deb recently posted..MarshMy Profile

    • ROFL! I know, right? See for you, I see canvas with watercolor brushes and pastels in the easel tray. Inside the canvas, an Adirondack chair on a beach with a sunset on a canvas on an easel beside it as your brand. I am telling you, it is easy for me to see it for others, but I drop the ball when it comes to me. *sigh*

      • If I had your imagination I would produce the most fantastic art! 🙂 😉
        I love you,
        Hugs xx
        Deb recently posted..MarshMy Profile

  4. hi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    RED 🙂 xo
    For You – I see something mysterious and lovely –
    I do see your face and hair in the image –
    I know you said no to that – but I think you are Lovely – and i like one gravatar somewhere of You in a hat ? I don’t remember where
    I would write “SEEING RED ”
    RED IS A COLOUR OF VITALITY AND LOVE AND COURAGE – SO – yeah i would do up a really lovely image with lights and all shades of red colours ……
    Kinda romantic – But More than that – PASSIONATE – because You are 🙂
    I am so bad at promoting myself …..
    i feel so weird …… lol

    Maybe a pic with your face w/ a magnifying glass over one eye ?
    so that beautiful eye is magnified ?
    and then below – SEEING RED 🙂
    big hugs for a beautiful weekend !!!!!!!!
    Cat Forsley recently posted..Happy weekend ! Happy almost Canada Day! xo CatMy Profile

    • Thank you, Mon Chat doux, for all the lovely suggestions <3
      The Gravatar image when I am out and about is this one:
      I get where you are going with the magnifying glass, but I am thinking along the lines of “An eye on you.” because it is me seeing the potential in my clients. It plays with the theme of the red carpet and the spotlights… Hmmm.

    I JUST MADE YOU 27″ On my computer 🙂
    Love Love Love that smile 🙂 It’s impish and kind 🙂
    See- i would do that kind of look and then add a magnifying glass ? a red carpet and a spotlight !!!!!!
    I love the hat too ! Cuz it’s kinda Coquette !!!!!!!!!!!!
    I love fashion and always have !!!!!!!!!! Can You tell 🙂 was in it since i was a kid – Grandma was a fashion coordinator in Montreal – and yeah – well still in love with it – because of my Grandma and how important she was and still is in my life – spiritually xx
    I am in Love with that pic of you 🙂
    I think i saw it on WOMBANIA ? right ? 🙂

    Totally here for You xoxoxo
    always xx
    But i think U know That 🙂
    Thanks for including me –
    this was totally fun ….:) xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo
    and can’t wait to see what You choose xoxoxoxo
    Je t’aime avec toute mon coeur 🙂 xoxoxo
    Cat Forsley recently posted..Happy weekend ! Happy almost Canada Day! xo CatMy Profile

    • Oh, my word! At that size I could scare away intruders! Yes, that is the Gravatar you see on Wombania. The one I use here is the one in his side bar, but the one with the hat is the one which appears on all the sites which are self-hosted. I like this idea!

      Fashion is a blast. I am quite the shoe horse…There are plenty of my shoes scattered around here *grins* Glad you had fun with this one. I love the creativity spirit! <3 Love you muches <3 {HUGZ} Red. xxx

  6. Okay….Sorry I’m so late to the game, but my first thought and my final thought is playing with your name: Red for “read”. Since you are promoting others with the hopes of “being read”….I just can’t get beyond this play on your name.
    Examples, but not set in stone:
    Red all over.
    Get Red all over.
    Do you want to be Red all over?
    How would you like to be Red?

    Dead horse has been beaten. Obviously, the porn aspect could take hold if you don’t steer the image away from your seductive self.

    This is what I offer after 3 cups of coffee and a need to catch up on your request.
    Lorre recently posted..Michael Jackson: Newly Released Phone Call from 1995My Profile

    • All good suggestions. Be sure to check out the post called Concepts when it comes through…
      Red recently posted..A MelodyMy Profile

  7. I agree with Valentine Logar, why search for an image when everyone knows you as M3 it really is as simplistic as that 🙂

    M3 is the Place to Be…

    Well that is what I think
    anyway my great friend 🙂

    Androgoth XXx

    • But M3 is only a small portion of what I do. The parent company needs to be move more public and I have not developed any visual arts for it. While M3 has symbols which get everyone in the mood around here, they are out of context to my publicity clients. M3 is not going anywhere. It will be getting a header change, merely because I am itching to rearrange the furniture, but certainly not to change its image or focus. M3 has grown up to be a very healthy entity all of its own. I would never take that away from it.

      • Yes I see what you mean Red, and so we will have to come up with something fruitful before your deadline is reached, which as I recall is just around the corner.

        Perhaps something with Wordsmith in it’s title would suffice? 🙂 I should have put more thought into this one but I will keep thinking about it and see what springs to mind 🙂

        Androgoth XXx

        • I believe you have this image in mind…

          I do love that word…

          But remember, Redmund produces and promotes others work as well. While I am the driving force, there are others as well. Artists, those who are bringing their work to me, liaisons who benefit from the promotion…It truly is not a one-trick pony.

  8. What about a huuuge monolithic sized RED carved out of solid marble that stands higher than the Great Pyramid??? That’d work & maybe become te 8th wonder of the world….
    Tony McGurk recently posted..Bottle HeadMy Profile

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