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One of the places I lurk is A Frank Angle. Besides the satire of subjects whose straight man treatment makes me have faith species should eat their young, it is an eclectic mix which I find relaxing. So to shake things up, he went and dared his audience.

Click here to visit Frank.

Click here to visit Frank.

Like M3, AFA is huge. Frank has three years and 300 posts on me. His version of the A to Z Challenge was to introduce new readers to some classics and nuggets which may be missed in the frenzied attempt to keep up with the fast pace of the blogosphere.

At the time I wrote (and scheduled) this, there were 875+ posts on M3. My take on his take on A to Z is a bit more in keeping with the 30 Day Challenge which was already in progress for May. (His was a very impromptu challenge.)

The fun in this for me was rereading some of the fun we have had. I knew what the posts all said, so the comments really made me laugh… again. This is a bird’s eye view into Red’s world from A to Z with some posts you may have never known were convictions of mine. Since we have traveled many series in the last eighteen months, we have not repeated anything. Instead, we have expanded, gone on tangents, circled the block and come home to discuss it all.

You will be pleasantly surprised to find more than a few of these are top tens and pictorials, a window into which to peer.

Let’s return, compliments of a ticket from Frank, to M3’s roots of identity… And the standard drink warning.

A is for animals.

I love them. I have quite a few. I have had many.

B is for birthday.

I celebrate them.

C is for children.

If you are new to the Internet, you may not know I have ten.

D is for donor.

Not just the leftover pieces parts… all of it.

E is for environment.

Green. Full stop. And then blue.

F is for fire.

I am very in touch with my inner arsonist.

G is for gradu.

Even if you have no idea what it means, you know it when you see it.

H is for hearing.

pierced ear

This one, actually.

For everyone who does not know, I am partially deaf in one ear. This post is not about that.

I is for identity.

A top ten.

J is for “just between us”.

Secrets, giggles and head scratchers.

K is for kaleidoscope.

You cannot make a good kaleidoscope without breaking some pretty glass.

L is for Louisiana.

One on both sides of my truck. Home.

One on both sides of my truck. Home.

Where it all began.

M is for mermaid.

The uncanny resemblance and the glaring difference.

N is for no.

The most powerful pair of letters in our language… and Monty Python.

O is for orangutan.

Right turn, Clyde.

Right turn, Clyde.

Must love Clyde.

P is for parent.

Do not read this with coffee in your mouth.

Q is for quaeritur.

With its own meme, a spot on every post, three separate posts, a series, …I just have to ask.

R is for Russian roulette.

A game I play with more regularity than is prudent.

S is for silence.

For as much as I love quiet, I have learned to fill the silence.

T is for toxic.

In the interest of full disclosure… although there is a post named that, this top ten is not it.

U is for ultra maroon.

What do Looney Tunes and spam have in common? The Friday Follies, of course.

V is for Virginia.

The hardest two pounds I ever lost.

W is for war.

Good for absolutely nothing.

X is for x’ing spam.

Every once in a while you really should open one. Just for the giggles.

Y is for your opinion.

You know I crave it. Always have.

Z is for zombies.

Do not look surprised. It is funny. True, but funny.

If you are so inclined to take this challenge, grab the badge above and link it back to Frank’s post. (Right click the image and choose copy link address.) Open the image in another tab to get it full sized. Be sure and tell him I sent you. If you link back here, I would love to scroll through your posts.

As always, I look forward to your comments here and there.

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  1. Woo hoo!!!! …. another daring soul who has stepped up to the challenge. Many thanks Red …. and I’m in the process of visiting.
    Frank recently posted..On Satire Bits: Vol. 54My Profile

  2. I don’t visit there as much as I should. Frank has some good stuff there.
    Binky recently posted..Cookie ThiefMy Profile

  3. I think I have a headache… 🙂

    Love and hugs!

    Prenin recently posted..Wednesday – peaceful night.My Profile

  4. Nice. Imaginative. I’ll try keeping up by reading as many as I can manage. So many imaginative challenges but I’m in information overload.

  5. I did chuckle at parent, but mostly because I remembered I was one.

  1. Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 181 | A Frank Angle

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