Saving Money in Your Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of the home, but it is the most expensive room in the house. Look in your kitchen trashcan to see if there is a hole in your wallet.

Dish towels, dish cloths and cloth napkins: $107+ saved

dish towel and clothsSaving at least one roll of paper towels per week = minimum $52 per year. The average family of four spend more than $30 per year on paper napkins.

Sponges only have about three months of healthy service before your dishwasher can no longer kill all the germs. Please, do not try to boil them: The results are revolting. White dish cloths can be bleached and will last for years. Yearly savings: $25

Libman WonderMop(R): $165-$202 saved

Disposable mopping pads and fluids can cost up to $220 per year for the average household. Replacement heads for the mop and disinfecting fluid drops the cost of clean floors to $55. If you use vinegar and/or baking soda instead of fluid, the cost drops to $18 per year.

White vinegar: $146 saved 

This multipurpose grease cutter is far less expensive than hundreds of products on the market. Used in a 50/50 ratio with hot water, vinegar will safely clean all kitchen surfaces including microwavesstove tops, linoleum, countertops, refrigerators & freezers, tile, cooking vessels, dishwashers and all bathroom surfaces. A gallon of vinegar will replace more than $150 worth of cleaners only designed for one surface.

Baking soda$220 saved

Just like vinegar, baking soda can save you money by replacing cleaners which are designed for one surface and are dangerous to other surfaces.

Water pitcher: $25+ saved

Don’t let the water run down the drain while it cools. Put a pitcher of water into the refrigerator. The cool water will save up to 500 gallons of water per year.

Glass glasses: $184+ saved

They survive the dishwasher, do not create landfill waste, can be rinsed and used all day. Versus plastic and disposable drinkware, glasses can save you more than $500 over the lifetime of the glass and can be recycled.

Kitchen water heater: $240+ saved

Installing a kitchen water heater will reduce the electricity and water necessary to supply hot water to the sink and dishwasher. This will also allow you to lower the temperature on your household water heater, further saving electricity.

Bottom Line

With these tips you can save at least $1,087 over what you spent last year. Plug the hole in your trashcan.

How do you save money in the kitchen?


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