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Prompt: I say _______ a lot.

Meme crayons and puppets

Yes… I repeat myself. After all, there may still be someone who has not heard it.

SEP: Examination

It is the last weekend before the world falls into the winter (in the northern hemisphere) celebration. Once it is complete next weekend, we enter a period of deep reflection for most at the close of the year. Grab a cuppa and snuggle into a rocker. It is crisp, but not too cold. Let’s talk.

Pause in the Programming

There seems to be a miscommunication I cannot rightly put under my thumb. It started with the post When.

Fish Climbing Trees

Fish climb a tree

With nursery rhymes, folk tales, legends, fables and other various and sundry modes of instructional communication, we learn as children fish are adept at swimming. Tree-climbing? Not so much.

Clyde on Perfection

perfection butterfly

Enough is as good as a feast.” ~ Mary Poppins