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Writers Spotlight: Second Glance

Claret knew when Red was drizzling simple syrup over lemon cake, she needed to make a line of vanilla-extras. The only author sweet enough to pull off lemon pound cake is Christine Nolfi. With a second novel out since the last time she was in the M3 Coffee Shoppe, Red had plenty to ask Christine […]

Writers Spotlight: Amanda Dcosta

While Claret was busy with the Flat White, Red was in the kitchen whipping up a batch of hot and spicy chicken soup. She had a project and knew Amanda Dcosta would be in about 30 minutes after the lunch rush. She was bundled up like Nanook with the wind whipping into the M3 Coffee […]

Writers Spotlight: Red Dwyer

I stopped by the M3 Coffee Shoppe the other day for an extra-large dark (no pollutants please) and a few of those buttery, flaky pastry things that Red makes in the back. I wanted to talk about her book of poetry, Mantra for a Muse, and knew her busy schedule would make grabbing a few […]

Writers Spotlight: Mac Kinnon

Mac Kinnon

Red was buttering fresh buttermilk biscuits when she was convinced she heard hoof beats in the café of the M3 Coffee Shoppe. Standing at the counter ordering a black and sweet was Mac Kinnon with a freshly shod bay mare. She shook her head and told Claret to make it two and both large. Time […]

Writers Spotlight: G.H. Ellis

Red was pulling gingerbread zombies out of the oven when she was sure she heard grunting and growling in the café. When she rounded the counter, she knew immediately to grab two cuppa and head over to the booth where Dr. Ellis was trying to wrangle a Frankenstein behind a table, putting the patrons patiently […]