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Objects in Hourglass may appear…

pierced ear

One of the hazards of poetry is the lines and images catch people differently. Sometimes, what you may walk away from a poem carrying is not what the poet packaged. This is not a case of bait and switch.

Pitching Tents


Having a name which is a color often pigeonholes me into a preconceived opinion. Those who know me best realize assumptions about me lead down the path of no return.

Colorful Zoological Detour

Today’s scheduled post has been preempted in favor of the myriad animals which carried off, trampled and/or ate what may have been planned.

Writers Spotlight: Red Dwyer

I stopped by the M3 Coffee Shoppe the other day for an extra-large dark (no pollutants please) and a few of those buttery, flaky pastry things that Red makes in the back. I wanted to talk about her book of poetry, Mantra for a Muse, and knew her busy schedule would make grabbing a few […]

Per Request

Last night’s SEP held some very old pieces. Laurie sweetly asked when she could expect me to unravel the conundrum left at the end of the post. I replied with today.