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Last Minute

Red Road Trip Bus

Are you one of those people who wait until now to shop for gifts?

Letter to Santa

Dear Nicky, As resident intermediary, I have asked for the same thing for a lot of years, so this year I am not sending my standard letter. Instead, I am going to ask for something entirely different. I will keep it brief.

I Missed Wordless Wednesday

Have you begun decorating? Are you finished? Do you skip it? Who has some mistletoe? I do not want to have to climb a tree this year to get some. (c) Red Dwyer 2012 Re-Blogging of this or any other post on The M3 Blog is expressly forbidden. Copyright and Privacy Policy available in The […]

I’d Rather Think of Myself as a Sadist.

letter to santa

But in truth, I am a masochist. What other explanation could I have for my behavior?

You Need To Start Tomorrow.

Yes, I know there is still a wad of crumpled wrapping paper under the tree and there are 14 containers of leftovers in the fridge. Your in-laws are snoozing, and the children are playing in the boxes from their gifts. Want to skip the last minute brouhaha next year? Get Ahead  Planning ahead is the […]