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Winners, One and All

I have been prodded by one of the winners to get with announcing who won the book giveaway for Mantra for a Muse.

Surprise Winners!

Two of this week’s winners had no idea he was entered! Who do you think won the copies of Mac Kinnon’s Breaux: An American Icon?

Writers Spotlight: Red Dwyer

I stopped by the M3 Coffee Shoppe the other day for an extra-large dark (no pollutants please) and a few of those buttery, flaky pastry things that Red makes in the back. I wanted to talk about her book of poetry, Mantra for a Muse, and knew her busy schedule would make grabbing a few […]

Wordless Wednesday (pre-post)

And not so wordless.. now that the draft is complete, but you get the idea this is not a typical M3 post.

Saturday Evening Post

Exciting. Frenzied. Thrilling. These are the palpable words to describe this week. Being associated with such dynamic people makes this nothing like a job. Grab a cuppa. Snuggle in. The moon is rising earlier than expected. Let’s talk.