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No, this is not a post reheated for your viewing pleasure. Those are on another blog. Instead, we are going to look at some cheap alternatives to turkey hash, turkey sandwiches, turkey gumbo, turkey á la king, turkey soup…


We are going to MAD about waste. Pure and simple…we are going to look at a shameful amount of waste we have every power to control. Controlling it affects gasoline prices, the environment and clutter. Can you Make A Difference?

What Century Is It?

If the list of benefits includes: safety, saving money, eco-friendly, speed, and more convenience…Will you choose to MAD? It is time to Make A Difference.

A Simple Thank You

Where exactly would we be if there were no teachers? No educators? Did you know there is a way you can reduce the cost of education? Are you ready to Make a Difference? It is time for us all to MAD.

Tree of Life

Everyone is tired of being stuffy in the house all winter. The weather is beginning to warm, and spring is everywhere. This Thursday we are going to outside to Make A Difference. Want to get a little dirty and MAD?