Alphabet Soup

During the A to Z Challenge, one of the things which took a backseat to psychology was posts which are inspired by the M3 Readers. One such post comes compliments of my sister. Another wordsmith with an abundance of letters, this will be a polysyllabic tribute, but without my usual mean bone being the part which clubs you over the head upon entry into the atmosphere.

I have been often accused of being highfalootin’. I usually answer with a very articulate raspberry. Those who know me via the real world and telephone all immediately notice, I am like most writers: I write the way I speak. No, I am not a word snob. I am anti-common.


Yes, I can be one. So can what I am about to do, so I shall make is as relatively painless as possible. The last time I did this, the inbox blew up into shards. Rather than leave you all Googling into the night, I shall explain as I go.


Alphabetically Speaking

Val had a good time with the award she got Channel Comfort. When I got a similar one from Mystery Coach, there was much head scratching and speculation about my ability to coin words to suit the occasion. If you want to check my work and be sure I am not cheating by repeating answers, feel free. Now, it is my turn to reveal myself alphabetically. This time, I am going to use nouns and verbs for a twist.

Anomaly: I am a walking statistic, the quintessential exception to the rule, as it were.

Bonding: Regardless of forum, I prefer to promote bonding, especially when the person before me truly needs to bond to reality, identity or the absolute fact we are all complete as we are.

Catharsis: I uphold the belief without catharsis we would individually explode like kernels in a microwave popcorn bag. Cleaning the clock is the only way for it to continue keeping time.

Defiance: As though this needs any explanation, I refer you to any post on M3 about niche blogging or search the term tongue stuck out.

Enigma: I am hardly difficult to discern, yet those who find me confounding merely fail to ask me Why? With an utter lack of ulterior motives, I baffle many by belying what most have come to accept as human nature.

Foundation: My choice for favorite number reveals a level nature. While I often change the height of the level, it remains stable in the same way a sine wave does.

Gourmet: When I choose to cook, it is scrumptious.

Heart: Mine is large, scarred, mended and often raw, but beats with a ferocity.

Identity: Doubt is erased by analytic observation. The end.

Jaculation: One of the most calming techniques for me is throwing. My preferred medium is #88 limestone.

Kippage: All too often I defensively resort to an undercurrent of rage which manifests in scathing sarcasm. If you think I am sarcastic here, you ain’t seen nothin’.

Lexicon: M3 is a monumental effort to keep the American lexicon from devolving into the 400 words used everyday…most in the wrong context.

Morel: Albeit a currently reemerging one, I am often the dark horse. Initial prospects for me are eternally underestimated. See Enigma.

Grammar Nazi

The Official Badge

Nazi: My intolerance for pigeon English and abysmal grammar is renowned. I am equally intolerant of theft, hypocrisy, prevarication, abuse and incompetence.

Obduracy: While I may sit idle as you prattle your position, do not mistake it as my acceptance of your stance. Do hold the hook, line and sinker. I can be stubborn to the point of inducing strings of obscenities. Obstinance only half describes how entrenched I can be.

Pragmatism: If left to my own devices and timetable, decisions are practical and self-sustaining. I prefer pragmatic gifts and conversations to what has become accepted entertainment.

Quaesitum: Without rest, I seek knowledge and truth.

Realism: Often mistaken for cynicism, my realistic view of the world around me is borne of experience, (normally taxed) patience, complex problem-solving and discernment. The combination helps me burst bubbles.

Silence: A commodity wasted by those with hearing and despised by those without. I rarely have an excess or a deficit of it; however, both are poorly timed.

The Bell Shall Soon Toll

Time: Mine is finite. Each moment is savored in its singularity.

Uberity: Prolific is one of the adjectives most often used to describe me.

Voluptuousness: All things should be appealing to more than one sense…even when the appeal lacks common sense, in its traditional capacity.

Whemmle: Overturning the apple cart is often the most expeditious route to positive change.

Xenagogue: My ability to introduce strangers for their mutual benefit is so characteristic someone had to point it out to me, for I had never known it was a rare trait.

Yari: When I learned to fence, my favorite weapons were not epees or foils, but were spears (Su yari is a Japanese, double-edged spear.), maces, staffs and katanas.

Ziggurat: One of the things on my bucket list is to see the Great Pyramids.

Your Turn

If you think I am going to list a load of blogs for you to run go see, thereby obligating them in some fashion to do as I have done, you missed it. Instead, we are going to have a little fun. You get to claim this one. Can you name five verbs or five nouns, especially ones which are not on the 400 word list, which describe you? Leave a comment with them, and you can take it away.

Know someone who would be good at this game? Share the link below or send it to them on Facebook with the buttons above.

If you want to blog your alphabet, link back to this post so I can find it and come to enjoy your words. I adore word games.


Which word was a complete surprise? State whichever number is smaller, how many of the words did you (or not) know. Can you name another not-so-run-of-the-mill verb or noun which describes me?


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  1. And an ‘ey’ into smiley.
    spilledinkguy recently posted..Translucent GreenMy Profile

  2. I like your brand of soup Red
    and will be calling back to see
    what everyone adds to this one,
    well I will if I can keep on top
    of everything around here 🙂 🙂

    Have a delightful evening now 😉

    Androgoth XXx

    • Red

       /  May 17, 2012

      LOL! We are not going through nearly as much material as we were when you first began coming around here! Have fun, in your own particular brand of good. 😉

      • Yes I need to be a lot more naughtier than I am at the moment Red but you can’t tie a good Goth down, well unless there is anything kinky on the menu that is, and then who knows 🙂 😉 lol

        Or did you mean to
        be good in the literal
        sense of the word? 🙂

        Have a happy and wicked evening Red 😉

        Androgoth XXx

  3. Most of them. Ha, ha…..
    There were about 8 that I don’t remember hearing and probably a few more I wasn’t sure about the definition.
    I hate you damn smart people. You make me feel more dumb than I started. Hows you like that?
    lorrelee1970 recently posted..Friday Frenzy (5/18/12)My Profile

    • Red

       /  May 18, 2012

      LOL! I am hearing the last phrase in a Brooklyn accent!!! ROFLMAO!

  4. Yup, there are a few I need to look.
    Always are with you.
    That’s part of why I persist in my returnations.
    It was worth a shot…
    Oh,and as always, congratulations!
    El Guapo recently posted..Beatnik Poetry Slam – Infinite MysteryMy Profile

    • Red

       /  May 19, 2012

      LOL! Thanks, Guapo. This one was fun. Pure and simple. 😉

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