And the winner is…


Miss Dee (of Miss Demure Restraint) and Julie (of A Worrywart’s Guide to Weight, Sex & Marriage) both bestowed the honor of The Versatile Blogger award on Momma’s Money Matters.

To quote Miss Dee, this award is “given to special blogs deserving attention”. Worrywart says she will expound on it when she has more than 22 minutes! Judging from the pick up in traffic, I would say it is the readers who are deserving the attention!

Before I go much further, let me show my sincerest, humble thanks for all of my readers and fellow bloggers from around the globe. You make posting fun. It is such a pleasure to read and answer your comments, and many of you have been the inspiration for new posts and new series. And if this keeps up, you will be the subject of a book…but that is another post altogether.

Without any further ado…

I would like to present this award to seven blogs you may well enjoy as much as I have.

Taking Candy From A Baby

The Fabulousness

Life Aspects

Practically At Home

Koyote Hill

Wheelchair Kamikaze

Frugal Fancy Pants

A word of warning, I have not alerted the bloggers of their award. Please be polite if they do the Flight of the Bumblebee to spruce up a mite after your arrival. Tehe.

And now for seven more…

No, not more blogs, more secrets. As you may recall, I had to give up seven secrets for the “Tell Me About Yourself” award. Can you possibly stand any more secrets about me after last night? Ah, well, then…here goes.

Number Seven

I love vertigo. I have a date with my daughter to skydive. I cannot wait. She is the only one of my progeny who wants to jump out of a perfectly good airplane with dear old Momma.

Roller coasters? The higher the better. Water coasters? More spirals please…and then let the bottom fall out. Repelling? Climb higher first. Cliff diving? Splash!

Number Six

I am a shoe horse. OK, so not a big secret. What is a secret? The eight new pairs of stilettos and booties (and the one pair of bitch boots) I have not worn yet. Tehe. Note to self:

Dear Self,
Buy eight outfits to go with new booties and shoes.

 Number Five

I know the cure to hiccups.

Number Four

I am ambidextrous. Back when I had to walk knee deep in flood water both ways to school, it was unconscionable to write with the left hand. Dr. Spock said so. My kindergarten teacher taught me to write with my right hand. Now, I use both…to type.

Number Three

I Refuse To Be A Victim.

Number Two

The only thing I am afraid of is what my children are not afraid of. (Only parents understand this statement.)

Number One

I learn something everyday because I do not know it all…yet.

Now for your part.

Take a scroll through the blogs. Start with Dee and Julie. Leave some love. Mention my name…you get a better seat. And no, I am not turning the comments off for this post. I have the sneaking suspicion someone will certainly have something to say about some of these.

Until next time,


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  1. Again, I cannot believe how much you can get done in such a short period of time. My 22 minutes was up a week ago, however, my plan is to spend the next few days working on what I hope will be a really cool Web site featuring my favorite blogs. I love the look of JK Rowling’s Harry Potter site and the Wizarding World of Harry Potter site so I’m going to try something along those lines. It will definitely take more than 22 minutes, but you’ll be a part of it. I’ll keep you posted.

    Congratulations on all of the recognition – I think you need to share more of your secrets on time management.

    • That is a can do. And if you need some help scrounging for images or code, let me know. I am excited to be part of it! When I scheduled today, it was before I got the second one of these…so I had to do some rearranging of the furniture 🙂 Just means I am a little ahead for tomorrow! You will be on the page going live tomorrow with the awards on it 🙂

  2. Holy Moly! Thanks for mentioning me!! That is a pretty awesome FABULOUS surprise that made me giggle, blush AND do a private little happy dance! I’m incredibly happy that you enjoy my writing and thought it was worth sharing with others 🙂

    • You deserve it! And I am glad it made you smile 😉 See? Having some lurkers who do not always say much, can surprise you! Have a terrific day! Red.

  3. Thank you so much for the mention! I am scurrying to put up a post right now!

    Which reminds me…would you like to do a guest post in a few months about Guerilla Mothering? That was the name of my column, and I’ll be compiling some of those into a book, and to celebrate, I’m hosting a lot of mama friends sharing their observations on the winding road of the mothering journey. If that sounds good, email me at and I’ll add you to my “list.”

    Have a great Monday, Red! 😉

    • Uh, let me check my calender, duh! Of course I will. Just gimme a subject 😉 I will be in your inbox in a minute anyway. Happy Monday! I like starting the week with presents! Red.

  4. While I am taking in all of your secrets I will zoom off and take a look at your nominated Spaces, I always do that whenever these awards appear, and believe me they appear all the time so this is one way of finding New Blood so to speak…

    Of course the logical way is to journey through many Spaces and take a peep into their blogrolls, which is another way for Vampires to feed 🙂 lol

    Talking of Peep, I was thinking that those Rock Star Peep Toes would be the perfect choice for some of my Galactic offereings, mind you with all those naughty Spacemen lurking around every Rocket Ship I am sure that you would be getting lots and lots of attention, well I only said 🙂 lol

    Have a fun evening Red 🙂

    Androgoth XXx

    • They do have a spacey feel to them, eh? And my shoes tend to bring out the naughty for all. Tehe. I have found many great finds in blog rolls. And from my stats, a few have found you from mine. *Evil Grin*

      I do appreciate your checking out the nomination. I would be over the moon to win. Cannot wait to hear the werewolves bay for it, too 😉

      • Sometimes my stats show a high percentage of peeps visiting but the comments are lacking so they are either passing my Space by and thinking “Oh no I am not going to add anything to his Space, he looks a right ugly looking and positively scary brute” or it is just too lacklustre, and I do need to add a new background, the trouble is whenever I do that peeps complain about not being able to read the scripts so I leave it rather dark for everyone…

        However after saying that I might just add my Wolf back on as a background as that is one of my favourites…

        Thank you for the traffic, of course as I said, not many new one’s offer anything on my Space as a comment but I guess the Gothic edge sometimes scares them off somewhat, ah well there you go 🙂 lol

        Right I will take a look through those Spaces that you mentioned now and I will let them know where I am visiting from too, so how about that for wicked? 🙂 Just kidding…

        Androgoth XXx

        • Perfectly marvelous! And the wolves are one of my favorite. Vampires are so sexy, but it is the fangs of the dog for me. And there is nothing lacklustre about your space. One can always find something of interest, Goth or not. Why visitors do not even comment with a “That absolutely made me spit my cuppa on the screen” is utterly uncivil. If they do not like the decor, they cannot deny the humor!

          Stay wicked!

      • Thank you Red that is most kind
        of you to say so… Right let me at
        those new Spaces, I might even
        have time to add another posting
        at this rate, mind you as it is nearly
        midnight I will have to be sliding
        the lid off 🙂 lol Well the fangs are
        sharp enough that’s for sure 😉

        Be good now, or else? 🙂

        Androgoth XXx

  5. Right I have just been on those seven Spaces that you have listed and now I am returning to mine, now where is that new posting I was thinking of adding? 🙂 lol

    Have a ghoulishly
    fine evening now Red 🙂

    Androgoth XXx

    • Do find it, as I shall be waiting for the tele to let me know you have posted it. *Idly wonders if she should bring a litter of pups along*

      Merci. I hope you found one to enjoy.
      Red xxx

  6. Amazing shoes!!!

  7. I just saw this right now… Howmdid I miss this?! Hooray for your award, that’s so fabulous! And holy crow thanks for the link! You’re great Red!

  8. Okay, I just want you to know, belated as it may be, I was too excited not to accept and pass on the award!
    Thanks again, SO MUCH!

    • Oh, you are so very welcome! I shall be around in the next day or so to see who you awarded. Just got to a place where I can check comments…still wrapping up the vacation, but stopped for the night.

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