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It Would Be Better If…

How often have you held something in your hands and said, “It is good, but…”? The same can be said of many things in our lives, not the least of which is what we use to define ourselves.

Three Day Post

What was the question?

If you have the dubious pleasure of being my friend on Facebook, you know I often ask questions whose answers form the (basis, proof, antithesis) of a post on The M3 Blog.

Mail Bag

On the über-special SEP, I asked for anyone who wanted to respond or expand to step into the SIB. Since then, two people have taken the conversation and moved it along.

Day 1: Five Ways to Win my Heart

Heartfly Fractal Art

Despite the corporate world often complaining I have no heart, or I do but it is a microbial piece of titanium diboride, in fact, I do have a heart. It stays generally on the mend from one occasion to the next. There are definite ways to permeate the sutures.

Made Red

My beautiful sister posed a very small question on Tilted Tiara. She took the time to fully answer the question. I smiled, I frowned, I laughed. Then, right there at the end, she asked the question. What makes you?