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Get Smart Shoe Phone

Keywords make finding what we want easy. Telling a clerk for what we search makes it simpler for us to get help finding it. What happens when we have no idea how to describe what we want?

Saturday Evening Post

Brain Picking

On this last Saturday of 2014, Clyde has to question what keeps our skulls convex. This year is ending on a cold note, so grab a blanket and a cuppa. Your rocker is ready for snuggling, and the fire is stoked. Let’s talk.

Friday Follies: Good Deeds Edition

No good deed goes unpunished. For some reason, being a humanitarian is just not quite enough. For the 53rd edition of the Friday Follies, please put all projectiles out of reach for the duration of the post. Put all liquids out of reach. Truly. The stupidest inbox in the blogosphere is dubiously open.

Three Day Post

What was the question?

If you have the dubious pleasure of being my friend on Facebook, you know I often ask questions whose answers form the (basis, proof, antithesis) of a post on The M3 Blog.

Saturday Evening Post

eye bleach

A while ago, I posted exactly what I want. I did not realize how much typing it would save me until a few days ago. Grab a cuppa and snuggle into a rocker. We are going to forgo formality and just talk. Clyde will weigh in later.