Wombie Heaven in Minnesota

Minnesota was a terrific place to go. Amazing places to get together. Terrific people to meet. Fun to be had. Oh, and spam.

You read that right. SPAM.

After an amazing meal at Jax Café and a Drambuie nightcap in Minneapolis Thursday night, Friday was reserved to tooling around the countryside and taking pictures, shopping and finding things to get into on our way to Duluth to meet Kim and her fabbo family.

The first thing we did was let GPS get us off the beaten path to look at the pretty rocks.

Minnesota Rocks

Although, to be fair, some of the rock farmers we not so sure letting the GPS let us find them was high on their agenda.

Val Trespassing

Next we stopped for shopping (results may or may not be revealed on another post) and headed to Austin. No, not Texas. Both of us have been there (often). Austin, Minnesota. What do you think is in Austin, Minnesota?

SPAM museum

Can you imagine the Wombies’ excitement? A museum dedicated to one of their major food groups. Bruno wanted to ride the hogs.

Wombies SPAM Museum hogs

Claret fussed at him to get down because she had already seen the street cart and did not want to miss it.

The SPAM Mobile

The SPAM Mobile

I had to put the kibosh on the double order of 100 SPAM burgers because we had an entire century of SPAM history to discover. As soon as we got inside, they ran over to Spammy and the attendant took our picture.

Wombies Spammy

Only from this perspective could they see the  wall of SPAM we walked beneath to enter the museum. 3,650 cans of SPAM. Enough for ten cans per day for a whole year. Bruno casually asked if we could have one at home.

Wall of SPAM

I have to develop the rest of the film to show you all the other things the Wombies discovered in the SPAM Museum. They give it a definite four thumbs up.

If you have not been over to Val’s Tilted Tiara to see some of the other pictures from our Minnesota adventure, drop by and say hello. We have loads more to share about the trip and the walk.

If you have not been to Wombania, stop by and see if adoption is the right thing for you!

Have you ever eaten SPAM or been to the SPAM Museum? What is there about SPAM which makes it endure? (And no, I am not talking about the Twinkie way.)

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  1. I love spam and I love wombies. Your trip sounds awesome so far!
    Wendy Reid recently posted..30 Day Challenge: Day 2My Profile

  2. I love the pics, and Spam Museum~ Spam was for camping when we were kids. All of our vacations were tent camping and cooking outdoors. Mom fried it up with eggs and hash browns. This is so exciting! I’m heading over to Tilted Tiara now!
    Gail Thornton recently posted..The Girl in the Iron Lung Giveaway on GoodreadsMy Profile

    • As everyone comments, I am seeing how this stayed in business. I rather fish eyed the numbers, as until now I had only known ppl who had eaten it while it still took a key to open! xxx

  3. I haven’t had Spam for years but ALWAYS loved it! Mom used to cut it in chunks and add to her creamy potato soup!
    C. Brown recently posted..When I Go…My Profile

  4. Ha – really liked that tresspassing sign!

    You are absolutely beaming, Red 🙂 I just don’t know how you get so much done in your day.
    Noeleen recently posted..She called it love; He called it stalking.My Profile

  5. I like Wombies but not SPAM. It’s just that I can never be sure there’s not some part of a bear in SPAM.

    • LOL! There is no quibbling about SPAM’s six ingredients: Pork shoulder with ham meat, salt, water, sugar, modified potato starch, sodium nitrate (color preservative). Glad to see you, LS Bear.

    • Wombats are often called small bears, so I’m quite certain there is neither wombat nor bear in Spam!
      Binky recently posted..Government IdiotsMy Profile

  6. If you can get over the cat food smell upon first opening (something I sometimes have trouble with), SPAM is quite tasty. I get the lower sodium variety and put it in casseroles or tacos or weekend egg scrambles.

    Thanks for sharing; found you through Kim and then Val.
    Beverly Diehl recently posted..McLovin’ It? Surprisingly, Yes #FlipYourMorningMy Profile

    • Welcome, Beverly. Stop by the Green Room (up top) and leave a link to your blog. I am glad you stopped by. When we went to the grocer this afternoon, my daughter demanded I buy a can of classic and one of bacon. I suppose we shall see sooner than later.

  7. I’ve seen several posts about this trip … but none of the others mentioned the Wombies were along.
    Frank recently posted..On Mom’s TownMy Profile

    • They stowed away in my luggage. Wait until you see all the other things they got into whilst we were there. o.O Glad to see you today, Frank.

  8. Hey I thought that I had commented on this one before but no I haven’t 🙁

    You two certainly enjoyed the whole experience, and those two Wombies, well anything where Spam is on the menu is always a big hit 🙂

    Great posting this one Red and I am sorry that I didn’t comment sooner, I must be cracking up or something? 🙁

    Andro xxxx

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