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WBH: Ticket for One

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In the three years since I became a widow, I have traveled almost as much as I had in the previous fifteen combined. My odometer has whined about the nearly 250,000 miles.

Muse for Monday


The time of year is coming when Americans venture across the country. The travel season is here. Vacations from school. Holidays from work. Summer time filled with road trips and flights and vacation fun. Is travel all it is cracked up to be? Mantra wants you to know what she thinks.

Solitude, Fairies and Mermaids

I have recently been engaged in quite a few discussions about loneliness. The discussion of solitude has been broached. Solitude is a common feature in the poetry on M3. While we have discussed marital/relationship loneliness before, especially loneliness of abandonment (The Leaver), we have not looked into solitude.

Around the Block

We started our trip around the time suction block by coming to the conclusion Time is valuable. At the end of the street, we look down the next segment of the block and determined the difference between rewarding time spent and time suck. The third section of the block was finding where our me/leisure time becomes a time suck. This […]

No One Is Watching

It is time for Talk Tuesday. If you have been playing along, we have been talking about time suction. You know about all of those things which we plan an hour to do, but four hours later we are either not finished or want to do for another four hours. Not you? Want to place […]

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