I want

I wantDo you know what you want? Can you make it into a comprehensive list or is it merely the the amorphous content of the fugue of dawn?

I want things to be different.

I want the loneliness to go away. I want to know I am accepted for who I am, not for how I am perceived. I want someone to care enough to get to know me. I want someone to have and ask a hundred questions a week, or a day, and to listen to the answers and remember them.

I want someone to want to hear what I have to say and understand the words I use to describe, declare, proclaim, question and muse. I want someone who laughs when I say something funny. I want someone to listen when I whisper.

I want to feel loved without feeling like a prisoner reporting to a warden. I want someone with enough chutzpah to tell me I am wrong.

I want to lay my head on the pillow at night and feel skin against mine. I want someone to want to touch me, hold my hand, brush my hair from my cheek, hold the small of my back, put a hand on my neck when our lips meet, push back when I lean and hug me every time like it is the last time.

I want someone to miss me when I am away or when he is away, even if it is just a few hours.

fall flowersI want surprises: ones which make me smile, amaze me with appropriateness, baffle me with sentiment, prove I am worthy of attention and affection, puzzle me with kindness and take me completely off guard.

I want someone who wants to share. I want to hear about childhood, teen angst and misadventure, maturation, corporate views, dreams, desires, tenets, and I want all of the revelations to be integrious. I want him to realize where his boundaries are before he tells me and keep them after.

I want someone who will let me cry without trying to save me. I want someone who cries when his body feels the need.

I want someone who wants to read what I write and has high enough comprehension skills to know which questions to ask to clarify what is written between the lines.

I want to stop being an island. I want the ability to be weak when I am tired of being strong. I do not want to be judged in my moments of weakness because my strengths and weaknesses are a balance which defines my abilities.

I want someone who recognizes my capabilities without expecting me to do everything and without being in competition. I do not want to be the best one in the relationship. I want us to be on level ground.

What is it you really want? How does knowing what you want make it easier or harder to get what you want?

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  1. I want this for you, hell I want this for both of us. You said it perfectly.

    I love you.

  2. Your wants are all the loving things that should already be yours, and I hope that every single want is fulfilled sometime soon. It is well deserved for a loving young woman as what you are. I know this is a posting that adds thoughts for everyone to ponder, as we all would love these loving thoughts and actions for ourselves. To love and be loved is a truly wonderful thing, it invigorates our inner core and refreshes with every hug and kiss, the feelings rush in our minds, our hearts sing and we feel safe and wanted. All these things will come again, I really believe that my sweet friend.

    You are lovely Red, you always
    have been and always will be 🙂

    Andro xxxx

    • It is to make people think, especially in how they treat the ones they love. I see far too often those who can say they love, yet never do they feel it in their souls. It saddens me to consider. I shall have my wants in due course. As it stands I have many of them, only not in a single relationship. xxxx

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