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Mirror, Mirror

Everyone wants to feel as though they are important, at least to one other person. How one projects the desire could make or break a friendship.

Beast Mode

Eleanor Roosevelt quote meme

No, not that going to the gym thing. Not even a Clyde thing. Just primal.

I want

I want

Do you know what you want? Can you make it into a comprehensive list or is it merely the the amorphous content of the fugue of dawn?

How Do You Do It?

How about a top ten to the number one question in the SIB?

Writers Wrap Up 2012

After a full year of Writer’s Spotlights, there have been some fabulous authors and books come our way. Each of them brought something to the table for the budding and established authors in the M3 Readers. Let Claret fix you a cuppa while we have a recap. Let’s go sit by the front windows and […]