Detour And Back

Based on the growth of our audience, we are not going to begin the next series with this post. There is far too much information to process based on the Talk Tuesday conversation. As always, you have provided some amazing material for me to research and digest into palatable pieces. We shall not, however, have the morning off.

Hidden in the Shadows

Missing Musicians

After I finished the interview with Alana, I realized we have been neglecting the musicians. Not because I have any prejudice against musicians, but merely because there are a lack of them willing to sit long enough for an interview. If you can remedy that, step into the inbox. The crazies will not bite…often.

If you think the musicians should drop from the rolls (and the Shoppe), drop that in the comments.

While we are at the begging stage, are there any authors in the audience who have not had the spotlight?

A Muzzle, Please

Mantra is a pest.

More recently Mantra has been making herself a nuisance. She has been pulling me in a different (vastly, utterly different) direction. Currently, I am trying to strike a balance between how much (questionably) creative material makes its way here and how on target we stay with series given my propensity for posts like this one and Buzzzzz!

As I decide, your opinions are appreciated as to the current balance we have between Story Time and all the other topics we discuss.

It is not that scary.

Time for admitting defeat. I have been severely unsuccessful in garnering volunteers to guest blog for my next scheduled vacation. To be honest, I need some time off to finish some projects. The largest of which is building the new (but necessarily not improved) M3.

Time is a commodity.

As my sister routinely points out: “Working and vacation are mutually exclusive.” So, this will not be a writing vacation.

Anyone want to give the M3 Readers what for? Want to make them laugh? Want to cart them off to your blog for the day? Consider the inbox open. Yes, you have permission to invite yourself to the party…and I will not even require you to BYOB.

So, maybe I lied.

The information I have in all the other tabs and documents strewn on my desktop is beckoning me to the point of distraction. As is customary, it makes me want to pick your brain. No, not the Zombie way, the other way.

For a few days, I have been exploring the questions one must ask oneself to attain some level of self-realization. The striking resemblance it plays to the Zen concept is not ironic in the slightest. Without tipping my hand to some of what is in store, I have to wonder what you think about self-realization. For the moment, put Mate and Quaint out of your head and tell me what you want to know about yourself.

I hate her voice.

The Road Less Traveled

How many times (after a cataclysmic decision) have you heard the excuse I am just trying to find myself? As it turns out, it is not an excuse. It is an admission. And it is one which should not be readily discounted. It should not conjure images of someone in need of a GPS. Finding one’s inner self is far more difficult than directing one’s hands to any particular body part. (Oh, for cripes’ sake, not that part!)


Time to pull back the curtain. Over the last three weeks a new M3 feature has appeared, even if it does not have a catchy name like Muse for Monday or Friday Follies.

And the point is good!

On Thursdays, we have been discovering ways you can make a difference in the world around you. On the whole, I love the comments about them. Whether you knew it or not, you are on the path to self-realization. Score another point in the Awesome Reasons Why I Blog column.

The other secret will just have to wait a big until we have made more progress toward where it is going.


I was disappointed by how little we have covered goals, especially knowing the destination of the Self-Realization series and the two which follow. In amends, we are going to dedicate some time to the exploration of goals.

If forced to guess, I would venture you have goals. You may not even know they are goals. Those are the ones I am most interested in discovering. The quantifiable goals are the easy ones. The meters go up until you reach your goal.

The goals I mean are the ones which are spiritual, emotional, educational (not the I-want-a-Ph.D.-by-July kind) and relationship or life quality goals.

Are you dizzy?

This post may seem like a roller coaster. I am blaming it on the cold medicine. In fact, it was all leading to the following questions. What is your goal:

  • for improving the quality of your life?
  • for strengthening your relationship with or finding Mate?
  • about controlling or developing your emotions?
  • for discovery (the world, yourself, your Mate, your hobbies)?


Thank you for you continued support! 

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  1. To improve the quality of life is simple—be more appreciative of the life we already enjoy. Everything is relative. We are blessed. To strengthen the relationship? Become even more dedicated, take more care, more time to communicate. Emotions are not an issue, at least not problematic, so no answer for that one. For discovery? Expansion of the mind, interests, skills and knowledge are always on our agenda. Write more, create more-and study humanity a LOT more. Great post, Red, cold meds or not! “:)

    • Thank you *sniffle* Those are some really good goals, Ray. Thank you for sharing! Red.

  2. I am glad that one of the goals you listed to ask your readers is about ‘finding a mate’. For us single folks some will say we want to ‘find a mate’ and make that a goal. That actually really bugs me! You can’t look for a partner, I want to say to those people. You have to be content with yourself, go about doing activities you love, and partner you may or may not find along the way. Chances are good you will come across someone who likes doing similar activities and you will strike up a conversation. Don’t go about looking for someone or you will lose sight of who that person really is and just see him or her as a ‘mate’. Whew I have been ranting and am now done…

    • No rant! You are speaking the truth. I refer you to my sister’s post addressing that very issue! And whether you noticed it or not, you are speaking of self-realization which makes one more attractive to potential mates…even when that Mate is still working on its own realization. *Grins*

      Thank you for speaking your mind, Christy! Red.

  3. I am with Christy! (no, not in that way!) There is nothing wrong, maybe there is actually something intrinsically right with being single these days. 7 Billion people on the planet and enough food, water and shelter for maybe 1/10th of that. You may find love in many places, but finding one to spend the rest of your life with is a much harder task, unless you’re willing to settle. Nobody should settle, as that leads to unsuccessful marriages..

    • I absolutely agree no one should settle. What strikes me of what you said is the topic of one of the posts in this series. I have the best audience! Red.

  4. To improve the quality of my life I have to do something about the constant fear I feel at the thought of leaving my home for even the simple basics like bread and milk.

    I plan everything like a military operation into hostile territory just to get me through the door.

    Nothing has happened for years and my teenage terrorists have their own problems these days (drug addiction for instance), but even so walking out of my front door is the hardest thing I have to do on a regular basis.

    Finding a partner is low priority – my medication has killed my libido so I don’t even feel attracted to beautiful women any more, although they can certainly be decorative! 🙂

    Being on Incapacity Benefit means I have low buying power and can just about manage to support myself – I have been told I may never work again and at 51 I’m already too old, which is depressing…

    As mentioned I need to heal my fear and get my life back…

    I have no need to discover anything, but I’m sure I shall given time – we all do, even if it is only what is waiting for us on the other side of mortality…

    Love and hugs!


    • Seems you know your goal rather well, Pren! Armed with it, you can conquer that fear. You may well be surprised what you discover about yourself in the process.

  5. Great post, and far ranging.

    • One of the dangers when I am allowed a stream of consciousness post. *sigh* Glad you got something out of it. I am still not so sure I did.

  6. bear

     /  February 3, 2012

    Quality of life for sure, new job or retire again? LOL Someone told me I was too young to retire but I have retired 3 other times and always leads to a new job.

    Vacation soon going to Virgina to a retreat for some well needed r&r no laptops on this trip so guest writers step up.

    I need to work on relationship with children. Wonders if I should try again? Not into rejection. But who knows it may well work this time.

    • I am so ready for a vacation. Virginia is normally snowy this time of year. Hope it is not too cold. 😉

      And methinks it already has…

    • Why would you want to go to Virginia? Just add a few more letters and you would have Virgin Islands…..ahhhh sun sand and pretty drinks with cool paper umbrellas.

      As for retirement? Well do something fun in retirement which could well lead to money making opportunities doing things you love. Don’t think of it as retirement think of it as broadening your world.

      Just my two cents worth.

      • bear

         /  February 5, 2012

        Just a secret there are no virgins in the Virgin Islands…what a let down! Found a retreat that’s really pretty. A good time will be had! NO INTERUPTIONS

  7. bear

     /  February 5, 2012

    Yep. Let’s keep them wanting more…


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