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We are going to try on an Olympic version of the SEP, since this week has been filled with success and amazing events. Put on your speed reading glasses because I am typing rather quickly. Grab your cuppa and snuggle under the fans. The rain has stopped for now and the mosquitoes are not buzzing.


M3 broke into the Yahoo! market this week in terms of search results. Many thanks to the Yahoo! users who subscribe to M3. Your opening email and emailing links to your friends are helping M3 be seen.

Networked Blogs & Subscriptions

M3 joined the ranks of Networked Blogs. For the next two weeks, the widget will be visible on the front page of M3. After that, it will move to a specialized networking page away from the front page. Why?

M3 took a rather large Domain Authority hit by putting up the widget which makes it easier for users to follow M3 without subscribing directly through the site or through WordPress. Since the latest Penguin and Panda updates, blog readers (which are not RSS feed reader apps) are taking a beating in credibility. This is not going to prevent me from offering the service to the M3 Readers. I will be adding additional resources for subscribers who prefer to use readers, Kindles and mobile apps to view M3.

More than 20 people have joined the M3 Readers this week. Welcome to all of you! I do suggest everyone take a scroll by the Welcome Home! page and The Office for the low down on how things work, updates and who gets credit around M3. If you ever get lost, check out The Map for how the homepage works and where to find outlying pages.


T3 made it to GoodReads. If you want to network with me there, you can find my link on About Momma. My author page is listed as Red Dwyer. I would love to hear from anyone who has read T3. To sound off…more on this in a moment.

Alexa & Spammers

M3 has been making its way up the ranks on Alexa since the move. In March, M3 was ranked well over 6M. (Bigger is not better.) In other words, of all the millions of websites on the Internet, M3 was #6,691,818. In the US, M3 was ranked 653,441. Today, M3 is at 1,514,386 in the world and 472,721 in the United States. I am losing market share because my American audience is shrinking in favor of more international viewers.

Enter the spammers.

M3 is ranked 318,300 in India. Ugh. I will be on the road to engaging more Americans and the core of the M3 audience: Canadians, Brits, Aussies, French, Spaniards, Italians, Germans, Philippinos and Indonesians. I would love to see better numbers there than with the stinking spambots.


At the tail of the right side bar is a little box titled Compliments of the M3 Readers. Thanks to you M3 gained a page rank this week! I truly appreciate all your help, your visits, your links to M3 and the fabulous conversations we have. You are the reason I keep at this!


Mantra for a Muse is on target. The images have all been added, and it is on the desk of the copy and layout editor as we speak. As soon as it comes back, I will do the final design of the cover art (front and back). Many thanks to the very talented artists who have been staying up nights with me to get both the book and the trailer complete.

Cat Forsley


Lizzie Cracked

The Heretic

Valentine Logar

Mantra got a makeover. I hope you will like her incarnations which will begin appearing on M3 starting on Monday. She has new moods, new colors and a ton of personality.

The trailer should be ready before the next SEP, barring the creek rising. Then again, as high as the house sits, it is an unlikely deterrent to making deadline.


Roman for million.

If anyone has been following the word meters here, you will note the upper one (words on M3) is nearing the half million mark. Chances are excellent we will be celebrating next weekend.

The red one has not gotten much attention or press. It is tucked at the bottom and represents the words going into books. It got a huge infusion with the completion of MFM. When I set out to put together a book of poetry, I had no idea:

  • 100 poems would go in the book.
  • There would still be poetry in Mantra’s notebook.
  • Almost 21,000 words  (and more than 165 pages) would go into MFM.

What could a graph never show? How overwhelmed I am at the response this book has gotten in production, inspiration, admiration and anticipation.

The reviews so far are astounding. I hope everyone is as pleased with the final product as I am. I do hope the reviews submitted to date find their way to Amazon and GoodReads.

Between the two meters total words since the birth of M3: 690,403. Although I will not make one million on M3, I will make one million within a year.

Right Turn, Clyde!

Right turn, Clyde.

Clyde wants to talk about happy tension. As much as that may sound like an oxymoron, there is such a thing as happy tension. What is the first thing you think of when you hear happy tension?

Most of the people surveyed thought it was the waiting for the other shoe to drop. All of these people believed the adage No good deed goes unpunished. Not all good times are precursors to something horrific. If you are really keeping score that way, chances are good you can already name half a dozen bad things this goodness can be making up for… which is a better way of looking at it.

Tennis anyone?

Some thought it was those who thrive under pressure. Workaholics and adrenaline junkies do get a rush from the pressure of deadlines, but it is tiring and drains the energy necessary to experience more relaxed modes of happiness. Often, workaholics are battling some negativity in their lives by burning off the energy they would spend worrying on work. When the day is done, they are too tired for anything else.

One person thought happy tension was the excitement of knowing there was more goodness in store. This is the best definition.

I, for one, never want a cure for my happy tension.

Until next time,

Red Signature

Reactions to the news… or questions? Did I mention an SEO term you have not heard? Are you on Networked Blogs or another network? Do you like happy tension?

Just a bit of business: New poll in the left bar. Answers appreciated. Have you entered today for your chance to win Ben’s book? After your comment, go up to the top of the right side bar to enter. (Lots of ways to enter!)

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  1. OMGoodness, Red… that “happy tension” has been palpable… good exercise for my ol’ heart muscle!! Thank you SO much for the opportunity and the ping… it really is exciting for me – I can’t imagine how “on the ceiling” you must be!!! Happy tension, has always been very very good to me, though, sometimes it puts the goal out of perspective, so there are many emotions to go through to rebalance.
    One of my favorite phrases is “… and this too shall pass”. I always remind myself that is just as perfect for good and bad tension, sad or glad times. … and this too shall pass, means keeping an eye on the goal, which, I think is why there’s all this excitement about – YOU have kept your eye on your goal, even if it was from the ceiling!!!! Good job, Red – you ARE an inspiration!

    love and HUGZ

    BuddhaKat recently posted..David Rakoff… RIPMy Profile

    • I absolutely keep my eye on the ball. Something else I hope is contagious!!! <3 {HUGZ}

  2. That is hilarious. I don’t check my Alexa rankings too often but I am right with you with most of my traffic coming from India. Damn those international spammers.
    Bearman recently posted..Romney Picks the Other PaulMy Profile

    • I would love to send them all viruses which unilaterally change all the fours in their computers to sevens. Let that sink in…

  3. Love this definition of happy tension: “…happy tension [is] the excitement of knowing there [is] more goodness in store!”

    I don’t agree at all with those who associate it with people who thrive under pressure. Having been an adrenaline junkie myself , especially when I was working as an IT professional, there’s no fun at all being driven all the time by deadlines, and spending a lot of sleepless nights just to satisfy the demands of clients…

    ~ Matt
    Matt recently posted..The Lifelong LearnerMy Profile

    • I cannot see deadlines as happy…period. But I do so love the excitement of the goodness. Great to see you this morning (your afternoon).

  4. Saturday Evening Post – Oh how I was such a fan of that quality mag

    • I have enjoyed every copy I ever got the chance to read. I miss quality periodicals which were lost in the commercial run to publish niche magazines overloaded with advertisements.

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