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Mantra of M3

The impish fairy is pouting because I flatly refused her homicidal recitation for today in favor of a twist on my normal stance toward silence.

Saturday Evening Post

No Silence

This week has been long and really is not over yet. Grab a cuppa and snuggle into a rocker. The fire is roaring, and the lights are glowing. Let’s talk.

Tarnished Silence

For many, silence is golden. Overall, silence is to be revered when the world is off its rocker, the children are clamoring for something they absolutely do not need and the telephone battery refuses to die… despite 47 calls in the last three hours. Then, there are the times when silence is tarnished.

Inevitable Silence?

What was the question?

The SIB held a series of questions which were destined to make their way to the posts of The M3 Blog, as they are a shining example of the intelligence and curiosity of the M3 Readers.

Muse for Monday


We have talked about hearing loss before. We have also talked about selective hearing. The two are mutually exclusive. Mantra is here to tell you there is a third version of hearing loss.