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Saturday Evening Post

Brain Picking

On this last Saturday of 2014, Clyde has to question what keeps our skulls convex. This year is ending on a cold note, so grab a blanket and a cuppa. Your rocker is ready for snuggling, and the fire is stoked. Let’s talk.

Stranger Next Door

When you were a child, you could walk down your parents’ street and call the surname of the families or people who lived in every house on the block or on your floor of the apartment building. Can you do that on your street now? Time to MAD in our very own backyards. Can you […]


Emergencies and natural disasters are universal. There is not a single place on the Earth which is immune from inclement weather or human disaster phenomena. We have discussed ways to make a difference after the fact. Can you make a difference before disaster strikes? Time for the Thursday MAD post.

The only thing I am afraid of…

 is what my children are not afraid of.” ~Wanda Dupuy Every parent feels this at some point. For Mrs. Dupuy, it was seeing her two-year-old at the top of a 50-foot radio tower, holding on with one hand and one foot, waving the other two at her. Balancing Act Baby Dupuy’s balancing act has nothing […]

Hey, You! That’s Mine!

Maserati Gran Cabrio

Part V of the Auto Saving Series. If you missed a segment, start at the beginning.