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Venti LatteOn this last Saturday of 2014, Clyde has to question what keeps our skulls convex. This year is ending on a cold note, so grab a blanket and a cuppa. Your rocker is ready for snuggling, and the fire is stoked. Let’s talk.

Before the primate steals the show, I want to thank all of you who supported The M3 Blog and RedmundPro this year. You are an invaluable part of my life. May 2015 bring you peace, joy and an abundance of good.

Right Turn, Clyde!

Humans tell one another, When all else fails, read the instructions. Whatever the human propensity is to be the dominant species, this single statement is counterintuitive to advanced cognition and complex problem-solving.

Many other adages come to mind which should prevent people from ever having to utter the one above:

  • Look before you leap.
  • Haste makes waste.
  • More haste, less speed.

Why is the orang wondering what is making us hurry? Stupidity. (What? You thought he would turn over a new leaf this year? Silly, human.)

Stupidity definition

For Example

You get the opportunity to meet someone who is seriously beyond your social circles, perhaps even on another continent. Despite having never been introduced to their sphere, it is possible for you to learn about how their world operates. What would you do?

Roman for 1,000

Roman for 1,000

Would this be easier if the person told you in advance there were thousands of pages of research which would explain it to you? Would it entice you to engage the power of Google?

Would it be easier if the person told you there were books, both on paper and electronic, which would open the window to this heretofore unknown world? Is your inner reader getting antsy?

Would public interviews readily available across the Internet convince you to open a tab to learn whether you wanted to vacation to this new world or block the address from ever coming into your field of vision again? How much research would it take for you to be convinced in one direction? Hmm.

Knowing your predilection for reading, what do you think it would take for someone without it? Could hundreds of pictures help?

Little V eye

More in here?

You have friends like this. They are the ones who believe in their ability to assess character by being in the same room with someone. They have never read anything (non-religious) they believed until after they had met the subject or the author in the FAB world. Would any of them choose to learn in advance of a triumph or cataclysm?

Nothing Doing

Feel free to be dumbfounded.


All people want to have successful relationships. Time strengthens those relationships by offering the opportunity to reveal character. The experiences we share open our worlds to others who choose to partake or walk away based on our similarities and differences. For many, mere curiosity will lead the way to the blasé investigation or the ravenous consumption of information.

While it is impossible to completely know someone by merely reading their memoirs, interviews with them and their writings, the aggregate gives us a good glimpse into their character. It is the key ability of historians to recreate the past in a way we understand, to offer us a glimpse into the paths our ancestors’ lives traveled, to give us justification for the events we were not present to understand.

Profilers use the information to build the identities of unknown subjects who commit crime. The view of a person’s past becomes strikingly evident when actions fall into context.

Psychologists and psychiatrists treat people once they have the knowledge of how their patients live in the world, the events which formed the prism through which they view the world and the everyday actions they make to survive.

Enter Ape

Right turn, Clyde.

Right turn, Clyde.

Knowing people give us loads information, both directly and indirectly, we can find out much more about those who are in our sphere by simply looking. Gone are the days where we only had access to what someone is willing to tell us face-to-face.

We can find out what we have in common. We can discover what we want explained. We can learn what traits are truly on our do not abide list.

What makes people turn away from information which could prove the person they are pursuing is a great fit or so diametrically opposed to do nothing but cause heartache? Why are people willing to invest time blindly? Is it possible to know the truth when the only input is what is before eyes and volunteered?

It is enough to make an ape wonder.

Until the next time the ape takes the reins, I am

Red Signature

How much information would you chase to reduce the chance of wasting time with a failed relationship, whether intimate relationship or friendship? Would your answer change if you discovered a conviction which threatened your safety?

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  1. I prefer to start every relationship with a blank page as it is more fun to discover the information that way! 🙂

    Trouble is I also use this approach in my daily life, so disasters are not unknown! 🙂

    Happy New Year sweetheart!!! 🙂

    Love and huge hugs!!! 🙂


    • For me, Pren, I haven’t the time to determine how profound their acting ability. I do not wish to invest so much as a few weeks in people only to find out they are complete fabrications. I have too much at stake. xxx

  2. Go ahead, ask me what my favorite of yesterday was.

    Oh, never mind some ijit named Redneck_Mother asked to look at my Blog and came back later to tell me he would never understand why anyone would think it interesting to read my ‘to-do’ lists or immature ramblings about politics.

    I could not be bothered to respond.

    You are by far, the patient one.

    I personally would read, but then you know that about me.

    {{{{{{{ <3 }}}}}}}
    Valentine Logar recently posted..Passing the BatonMy Profile

  3. I would read everything I could get my hands on…or whatever information. I am often puzzled by telling someone..ok a guy who says I fascinate him I have a blog and then they never even click on it. Not once. Situation reversed I would be all over it. Flies on doo doo… as far as finding a conviction that threatened my safety? I guess depends on the day ..
    &heart; Lizzie
    Lizzie recently posted..Revelations of the Medicinal SortMy Profile

  4. I always hoped someone I knew had information on a date before I went out on the town. These days with Google and whatnot at our fingertips, I’d do a lot of digging. Still, I’d need to think this was worth my time to begin with.
    A conviction, you say? I’d research that to the ground and all the way to China as well. I’d still hope someone I knew personally had some good feedback.
    With so many prominent citizens in the news lately, the least whiff of skunk and I wouldn’t waste my time.

    • What I have found is conviction, regardless of the criminal or tenet kind, is not researched thoroughly. Most are willing to take the word of someone they know for mitigation. I find it utterly fascinating, in a virus under the slide kind of way. I know (on paper) it is part of our social make-up; still, the lengths to which many go to avoid truth amazes me.

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