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Friday Follies from the Cell

Far be it from me to hold Follies merely to the SIB. No, even my CrackBerry is not immune to Follies. Episode 51 of the Friday Follies comes to you from Guatemala.

Haughty, Psychic, Medical Follies

For the return of the Friday Follies, in its 50th edition, we are embarking on a new twist: Hatemail from those who are psychic and who should well know the meanings before they read the words. Standard rules apply. Drink out of reach of the screen.

Musical Foolishness & Follies

With the stupidest inbox in the blogosphere bursting at the rivets, the 48th edition of the M3 Friday Follies will be served with a smattering of Foolishness, just in case you somehow missed the largest surprise party ever held. Standard warnings apply: Drink out of reach to reduce spraying. The lights are going down. I […]

Blasphemously Bad Follies

If you were one who voted for Follies instead of turkey this Thanksgiving, settle in, but set the eggnog off to the side. It is super sticky and murder to get off your screen. This is the special 47th edition of the M3 Friday Follies…for Thanksgiving.

Testing Follies

In a week where we tested the limits, broke a bunch of furniture and were filled with righteous indignation, the stupidest inbox in the blogosphere is full. It is entirely possible I will need to find replacement rivets for it. Put your drink to the side because it is time for an around the world […]