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More Green in the Kitchen

One of the quickest ways to save money is to cook at home. Before we embark on a complete series of cooking and saving, let’s look at a few pieces of equipment and some tricks which will keep the money in your wallet.

The Roof is Cracked.

It seems there was a need to let light in the house. I personally would have opted to have the darkness linger at least until, say, March. This is merely a short blast while I try to find the contents of the overhead compartment where I usually keep the normalcy and intelligence.

Tree of Life

Everyone is tired of being stuffy in the house all winter. The weather is beginning to warm, and spring is everywhere. This Thursday we are going to outside to Make A Difference. Want to get a little dirty and MAD?

How to Teach Children to Live Green in 5 Steps

Even the smallest children can make an impact on the environment. Parents teach children by example how to live green with a few easy steps. 1. Have a meeting. This needs to be a question and answer session. Sample questions should include: What do we do that uses electricity (and gasoline)? How do we produce […]

Saving Money in Your Kitchen

dish towel and cloths

The kitchen is the heart of the home, but it is the most expensive room in the house. Look in your kitchen trashcan to see if there is a hole in your wallet.