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Do Not Buy That

It is the time of year when gasoline prices go up, compliments of travel. Funny how we say that, even though they never go back down. Oh, wait, that is another post. Are you looking for a few ways to cut your budget? If you can stand to keep a few bills in your wallet, […]

Haiku Hijinx

We are taking a detour from our traditional Saturday Evening Post for me to share something with you. A laugh? A sneer? A rant? Why, yes. All of the scoffing laughter and indignant outrage you can muster over what can happen on any given Wednesday.

Roughing it on the Cheap

Part VI of the Vacation Savings Series. If you missed a segment, begin here. Now, beyond the obvious of no hotel bills, you can save a boatload of money camping, if you are willing to rough it, plan and stick to it. Location, Location, Location There are still plenty of places to camp which are […]

Successful Grocery Shopping: Ten Commandments

Grocery List

Successful grocery shopping is getting what you need, at the best price, in the smallest amount of time. If you follow ten rules, you will be successful every time.

Never Put This on Your Credit Card

Part VIII of the Credit Card Series: Start at the beginning if you missed a part. This is the end of this series.