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No Thanks Necessary

Clyde would like to salute Go Daddy for their fabulous service and complete lack of planning. Thanks to a hardware failure, both M3 and RP were down in excess of six hours.

Oh, where, oh, where…

It this just not an awesome graph?  

This is only a test.

There will be no read more. You will get this all in an email, if you get here by email. It has come to my attention my alleged host is serving cached versions of M3. If you get this post via email, please come leave a comment. Even one word comments are enough. I am gathering […]

No Daddy Follies

The stupidest inbox in the blogosphere held (more than one) email from the largest web host on the planet. We are going to venture into why this is the largest misnomer, other corporate shenanigans and Red’s typical response to it all. Take your Dramamine, put the drink out of the way and let’s get the […]