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Saturday Evening Post

Extra Large Coffee Cup

Good grief! It is Saturday already. Where has this week gone? Grab a cuppa and snuggle into a rocker. There is a stack of blankets right over there. The wind is not going to die down. Let’s talk.

Reserved Parking

Make a Difference

It is Thursday, again. Time for a MAD post. We all want respect. To get it, we need to give it. In order to give it, we have to refrain from judging based on our own misconceptions. Just because you cannot see it, does not mean it is not there. Just because you can see […]

A Better Generation

Bar graph

Did you notice there was a new poll? It went up along side some of the romantic nonsense this week which coincided with Hallmark Day. Before I get any guff, I left the Other spot open for all of those whose answer was not in the top ten. Want to see what you want to […]


The current poll asks about the quality you think is most important to teach children. In Enough Frivolity, I asked you which of those characteristics you would use to identify yourself to others and which one you felt best describes you. So far, the two qualities we have not covered are tolerance and respect, tonight’s […]

I’d Rather Have Coffee.

cup of tea

Sometimes, marriage is not your cup of tea. Or to be far more specific, marriage to Mate is not your cup of tea. Three big contributors to the souring of the leaves make staying married a chore at best and impossible at the worst.