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Not Worth It

hearing aid

Have you ever been talking to someone and realized not a single word coming out of your mouth is getting past the eardrum? Me, neither.

Saturday Evening Post

No Silence

This week has been long and really is not over yet. Grab a cuppa and snuggle into a rocker. The fire is roaring, and the lights are glowing. Let’s talk.

Clyde on Perfection

perfection butterfly

Enough is as good as a feast.” ~ Mary Poppins

Saturday Evening Post

Tolerance meme

This has been a week of igmos, squeaky wheels, decent customer service and proof of viral social media campaigns. If all of that makes you tired already, grab a cuppa, snuggle into a rocker and I will turn on the fans. Let’s talk. (If you are easily offended by profanity, skip Clyde.)

To Thine Own Self…

As preposterous as calling Shakespeare “The Great Bard” is, there are some nuggets in his dramas which strike chords in minds. No, not hearts. Minds.