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Mirror, Mirror

Everyone wants to feel as though they are important, at least to one other person. How one projects the desire could make or break a friendship.

Prompt: Stripper Songs

The Empty Stage

Memes the internet over proclaim every woman has at least one song which turn her instantly into a stripper. Never fear, guys have songs which make their clothes fall off, too. How about five?

Dear Retirement

A Month of Letters

When I was 19 years old, I decided I wanted to retire when I was 35. I missed my date by six weeks because I retired just after my 36th birthday. Retirement has been most everything I thought it would be.


Yes, I have been missing.

Spam Crime?

Every little kid who has been to a factory wants to ride the conveyor. Wombies are no different. Well, maybe a little, but let’s go with it.