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Saturday Evening Post

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Week, schmeek. Clyde is foaming at the mouth. Want to keep the news to a minimum? Grab a cuppa and snuggle into a rocker. We will be done before the espresso is cool.

It is over.

Despite a decline in the rate, these words are being spoken every year between husbands and wives (and even homosexual married couples). The grim statistic of 50% is a myth, but divorce is a reality. Study Harder Couples, who have college degrees and get married after age 26, have the best chance of staying together […]

Diamonds, Q-Beams & Rednecks

What you see is what you get. Very rarely is this the case. More often than not, what meets the eye at first blush is far from the true contents of the package. Whether we are talking about products or people, what the box looks like is often deceptive. It is the bane of the […]

Single Parent Tips: Avoid the Morning School Rush

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It’s all in the timing.” Never has this statement been more true than trying to wrestle a toddler into shoes, a teen into consciousness and yourself into a pair of pantyhose in the morning before school. The morning school rush has new meaning for the single parent than when it did when there were two.