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John McDevitt ~ The Aware Writer

My friend, John McDevitt, who you may know from around these parts, his blog and his contributions to Taming the Terrible Twos: A Parents’ Survival Guide and Mantra for a Muse, was one of the strongest forces in my writing world.

Dear Saved File

File Folders Free Clipart

We all have completely different filing methods which should, theoretically, work the same.

What you read…

fill in the bubble

In terms of tests which leave a lot to be desired, the reading comprehension test ranks near the top.


If you have been around long enough to know why there is a meter in the right column, I have a word for you.

Dear Diary

A Month of Letters

Of all the multitasking I may accomplish in one day, a running chronicle is the least likely item ever found on my to do list.