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Prompt: My Warning Label

contents under pressure

Have you ever wondered what label your friends would put on you so others would know what to expect? Wouldn’t you know it? I asked.

Prompt: 2020 status updates

facebook icon

Let’s get into the time machine and see what you can expect to see on social media in 2020.


Mantra of M3

The impish fairy is pouting because I flatly refused her homicidal recitation for today in favor of a twist on my normal stance toward silence.

Friday Follies: Good Deeds Edition

No good deed goes unpunished. For some reason, being a humanitarian is just not quite enough. For the 53rd edition of the Friday Follies, please put all projectiles out of reach for the duration of the post. Put all liquids out of reach. Truly. The stupidest inbox in the blogosphere is dubiously open.

Friday Follies from the Cell

Far be it from me to hold Follies merely to the SIB. No, even my CrackBerry is not immune to Follies. Episode 51 of the Friday Follies comes to you from Guatemala.